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Complimentary Dump Station

Since 2005, 99E RV & Boat Covered Storage, LLC has been providing the community with a state of the art, multi-purpose storage facility which gives you the best storage options for your Motorhome, RV, Trailer, Boat, Car, or Equipment! Call to set an appointment and check for the availability of our Enclosed, Covered, Open Space Storage or your Mini Storage needs!

Landline: 503-982-6600
Cell: 503-680-8177

Our Space Types

Our secure facility is wheelchair accessible and features the following space types:

Enclosed space

Fully Enclosed Spaces

We have a limited number of fully enclosed storage unit. Each enclosed space has a 110 volt AC Power connection.

10′ x 30′ – 9 foot door
13′ x 32′ – 14 foot door
13′ x 46′ – 14 foot door

Covered Space

Covered Spaces

We have 3 sided covered storage as well as roof only covered storage spaces from 15 feet to 55 feet. 110 volt AC Power is available on ALL covered spaces!

Open Space

Open Spaces

We have paved, open storage spaces available ranging from 15 to 55 feet.

Mini Storage

Mini Storage

We have a limited number of mini storage units ranging from 4×12 to 8×24 feet.

Our Features

Our secure facility features the following amenities:

Razor Wire

Razor Wire and 10 ft High Solid Metal Fence

We use a 10 foot high, solid steal fencing with razor wire around along the entire property.

Dump Station and Wash Bay

Dump Station and Wash Bay

Dump Station, Wash Bay, and air compressor for our customers’ convenience.

24-hour Camera Surveillance

24 Hour Camera Surveillance and Security System

24 Hour Camera Surveillance and Security System for safety and security of our facility helping to protect your valuble assets.

dual keypad access for 99E RV

Key Pad Access

We have dual keypads for easy access from your car or motorhome.


What our clients say about us:

This place is awesome! Mainly because of the management. They are so helpful and accommodating.

Patrick South

Our trailer’s ‘home away from home while we’re not using it. Decent pricing, great security, roomy enough to maneuver in while retrieving and putting the trailer away. We appreciate them!


A well kept secure facility. Moderate price.

Jim DeMarco

About 99E RV & Boat Storage, LLC

99E RV STORAGE opened in 2005. We did extensive research to provide the most secure facility possible! Resident security is on-site.

We are very proud of our facility and would like to encourage you to take a tour before making a decision on where to store you valuable RV, boat, trailer, or just about anything you want safe and secure. We invite you to call our landline 503-982-6600 or cell phone 503-680-8177 and schedule your tour!

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99E RV & Boat Covered Storage, LLC
17479 Hwy 99 E – Hubbard, OR 97032


Office Hours

Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 11:30 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Phone & Email

Landline: (503) 982-6600
Cell: (503) 680-8177

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